Frequently Asked Questions

When will Uzzy be available ?

First, a beta-testing phase will take place in French via the account @UzzyLabs When Uzzy will be stable, en english translation will be proposed. @UzzyDotMe for more information.

Which tools / technologies does it use ?

The website part is coded in PHP (+CodeIgniter), and the server part is in nodeJS. It uses twitter STREAM API when it is possible, ie it almost instantly alert you of a mention,a DM or a new follower, but uses the REST API every 3 minutes to detect an unfollower. Snapchat is against alternative clients, and we can not guarantee that this feature will be on Uzzy's final version, moreover, we will ask you to pay attention and to avoid using your personal account because the username / password will be stored on our servers and snapchat could block your account.

Where can I ask questions ?

Do not hesitate to ask questions, suggestions, partnership propositions to @UzzyDotMe via mention or DM and by email to [email protected] !